To have information associated with a certain extension updated due to personnel changes or any other reason all that's needed is a short email or new ticket submitted.  The request should include the extension number that needs to be changed, the email address for voicemail messages to go to, and the first and last name to be used for internal caller id and for the dial-by-name company directory (if that feature is in use).  If the option is needed to receive an SMS message every time a message is left for the extension in question then the cell phone number and the carrier the text messages should be sent to needs to be included in the request as well.

The process when we do name updates like this is to not modify any existing voicemail files or the current password password.  If you want us to totally refresh the extension making it like new so no past greetings or messages remain you'll need to specify in your request you want the mailbox reset (meaning delete all files for that extension) and the password returned to default.  When the password is set to default that will cause the system to play the new mailbox setup for that extension when checking voicemail.  The new mailbox setup prompt will play each time voicemail is checked until the password is updated.