The Initiatel Porting LOA PDF form needs to be completed before we can submit a number port.  The business name needs to match exactly what is shown on your current bill.  The address needs to match what your current provider has listed as the service address.  The service address is normally the physical location of your current phone lines.  This information can be confirmed with your carrier, and to expedite the porting process, if you have any doubt what that address is you should call your carrier and ask.  The person who signs the form needs to be someone who is authorized to make modifications to the services on the current providers account.  As with the address, if there are any questions about who should sign the form please call and ask your provider.  

The best way to confirm that you have all of the correct information and to make the port process go as smoothly and quickly as possibly would be to request a "CSR" from your existing carrier.  Your carrier will know what you are asking for when you tell them you need a CSR and should be able to email or fax it to you.  Providing us a copy of the CSR will greatly improve the timeframe for your port since there will be no question about accuracy.

IMPORTANT:  If you are porting numbers from different providers or for different locations a separate form needs to be completed for each.  

If you have other services on your account or if you are not porting all numbers you should confirm with your provider that porting will not terminate your account with them.  Depending on the provider and how your account is configured, it is possible that porting might automatically terminate your account disconnecting whatever services remain.  If your ISP is the same as your phone carrier and you plan to continue using them for your internet service it is best to confirm that the port will not cause any kind of outage.  We have no way to do this for you or determine what happens with the remaining services.  Please contact your current provider if you have any questions.

When the form is complete attach it to either the existing setup ticket or a create new one if one doesn't exist already.  It can help and is sometimes a requirement to provide the first few pages of your most recent bill (if you don't have a CSR).  Attaching it to the same ticket as the completed LOA will make the process easier and faster for all parties involved.

Edit: 2015-03-11 attached updated version of LOA.