NOTE:  If you were given a link to these directions in response to a ticket there will be a URL in that message which you will need in order to complete this process.  Verify that you have it; otherwise, you should not factory reset your phone and need to request the information by responding to your ticket.  You will be unable to make or receive calls until completing this process which requires knowing the unique provisioning URL for your company.

----- Testing Your Access to the Phone's Set Up Website -----

IMPORTANT - Complete this before proceeding!

The first step is to confirm you can access the phone's web interface in your browser.  Some offices have separate networks for the phones that computers cannot connect to without first modifying cabling and/or various settings.  Follow these steps and confirm you can view your phones settings.

You can get to the phone's configuration page by putting its IP address into your browser.  Follow these steps:
1. Press the menu button (looks like a piece of paper with its corner turned down).
2. Press number 9 to view the IP address.
3. Enter the IP address into your web browser's URL/address bar in the same way you would access any other website, then press enter.

You should now see the Info page of your phone.  If not, do not continue with the remaining steps to reset your phone and notify us by either responding to the ticket or calling.  If the webpage is shown, continue to the next section to reset and re-program the phone.

----- Factory Reset -----
The factory reset process is very simple.  First press the menu key, then the numbers 1 and 4 or scroll to line 14 with the arrow keys.  Hit the Ok soft button that will appear on the bottom of the display to initiate the process.

Once the phone is reset, it will reboot. When it boots up you will know the procedure worked because your extension number will no longer be displayed.

----- Configuring the Phone -----
Double check that the IP address didn't change during the reset then access its web page again by following the same process listed for testing the website access.  When the webpage is on your screen do the following:

1. In the far upper right corner of the page click on Admin login.
2. Again in the far upper right corner of the page click on Advanced.
3. Click the tab labeled Provisioning.
4. Copy the entire URL line provided by support including the brackets with key.
5. Paste the line into the "Profile Rule" text box on the Provisioning tab.  It should look similar to this:

    [--key abcdefghijkl]$file.cfg

6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Submit All Changes.

The phone will reboot itself.  Once it is booted up, you must reboot it a second time either by using the menu option 12 or by unplugging its power supply for a few seconds.  The second reboot is required to trigger the phone to proceed and download its settings file using the URL you entered.  It will take about 5 minutes after the second reboot for the phone to show your extension number and start working.  The phone may reboot itself again.

Troubleshooting Tips:
After completing all the steps and waiting 5 minutes, if the phone still doesn't display an extension number you should reboot it once more.  Then wait another 5 minutes before contacting support to get help.  Most of the time, when helping someone with this issue, the solution is just one more reboot.

Sometimes an easy way to solve issues accessing a phone's website is to plug a laptop directly into the additional (PC) port on the back of the phone.  This would only help in situations where a computer isn't already plugged in to that port or on networks that use VLANs where sometimes changing settings on a laptop could be easier then changing them on the computer that's normally attached to the phone.