Grandstream GXP2160/2140/2130/2124/2100/1625/1450/1405

The menu names used in the steps below might be slightly different if you have another model or your phone is running a different version of firmware. In some of the recent firmware the menu layout was changed so you might need to look deeper into sub-menus to find the right area.

To access the phone's Web Configuration Menu

1. Make sure the phone is turned on and shows its IP address. If the address is not displayed on the screen go into the menu and locate the status option. Under the network status you should be able to find the IP address. On newer models with recent firmware there is a shortcut to show the IP address by hitting the up arrow above the menu button.

If the phone is properly connected to a working Internet connection, the phone will display its IP address. This address has the format:, where xxx stands for a number from 0-255. You will need this number to access the Web Configuration Menu. e.g. if the phone shows, please use '' in the address or URL bar of your browser.

2. Start a Web browser on your computer and enter the phone's IP address in the address bar of the browser then hit enter.

If the page doesn't load you might have different phone and computer networks so you will need to use a computer connected to the same network as the phone. This can easily be done by connecting the computer to the same hub or switch as the phone. In absence of a hub/switch (or free ports on the hub/switch), please connect the computer directly using the PC port on the back of the phone.  You may need to consult your network administrator.

5. The web page will require you to log in. If a username is needed enter 'admin'. For the password enter 'admin' and press enter or click the OK button.

6. Unless you are sure the phone is brand new and has never been previously configured, you should factory reset it using the link at the top right of the menus.  The phone will erase itself then reboot, which can take a minute or two.  Your browser should return you to the login screen, log in again.

8. Select the menu item 'Settings' (could be 'Maintenance') and then on the sub-menu bar choose 'Advanced Settings' (or an option similar to 'Upgrade and Provisioning').

9. Locate the item called 'Config Server Path' and confirm the URL you were provided is shown in the field. If anything other than the URL you were given is listed, it should be updated so it matches. Then scroll to the bottom of the page and hit 'Update and Apply' button (or other similar button) and then on the next screen hit the 'reboot' button (might be at the very top of the page). If the line was already correct please update your support ticket for additional instructions.

If a correction was required, once the phone is rebooted it will take up to 10 minutes for the phone to contact the server to download its configuration files. During that period you might see it reboot itself which is normal. Once finished the phone should then show the correct extension number and be able to make calls.

If there are any issues and the phone is not displaying the correct extension or, if it has the correct extension but can not make calls try rebooting the phone once more and give it another 10 minutes. If the phone is still not working properly update your support ticket for further help.