It is absolutely critical that the name, address, and authorized signer are exactly as they appear in your existing account.  The best way to be sure you have correct info is to request a CSR (Customer Service Record) from your current carrier and forward it to us.

Porting can take as little as five business days or as long as a full month.  A week to ten days is typical.

There are no status updates during the porting request other than either a failure or a confirmation with a porting date (FOC - Firm Order Commitment).  FOC is usually given a couple of days before completion of the port.  We will notify you right away of any status changes and it's not necessary to ask for updates.

If there is a failure, there will be a reason given, such as an address mismatch.  We will need corrected info to resubmit.  Resubmitted ports usually complete more quickly than an original port, so with a correction, we often see completion within a few days.