DO NOT do this unless you have specifically been advised to.  This will render your phone inoperable until the reconfiguration is completed.  This is NOT a normal basic troubleshooting step.  ONLY do this with the help of our support team.

This applies to most Polycom phones such as the IP 501, 601, 550, and 650.  Your support rep will make sure it applies to your phone.

Restart the phone.  When it powers on, it will give you a menu for a few seconds. Press the SETUP soft button to interrupt the boot. It will prompt you for a password. The default is 456. Enter that and hit OK.

Use the arrow keys, Sel and Del buttons to make edits.

Select the "Server Menu: ... " option with the arrow keys and press Sel to enter the submenu. For server type, make sure it shows FTP.

To enter information on the phone you will have to use the number keys and press them repeatedly until the letter or number you need is listed.  There is an option button that will be displayed at the bottom of the screen that will allow you to choose what characters the buttons will show.  Your options will be lower case alpha and numbers, Upper case alpha and numbers, I believe the 3rd option is numbers only.  Pressing that button will just cycle through the options and it can be changed at any time to help you enter the information.  For entering the character period (.) use the asterisk (*) key.

Add or update the server name to be what was provided in the email you received.

Once the server is set then set user name to what you were provided.

The last item to check is the password.  Enter the information from the email.  You won’t be able to view what is currently programmed so the only option to confirm it is correct is to enter it again.

Now exit out of the submenu, then hit Exit again. Select "Save & Reboot" and it will do just that.

Depending on the firmware version the boot process could take some time.   If you notice that the phone has rebooted multiple times it means there is a problem.  If you can capture the error the phone displays before it reboots again that would help us troubleshoot the problem further.  If you cannot capture the error but believe the phone has made a connection to the server, there is a possibility information in the server's logs could be all that is needed to find the problem.  Let me know if you have any trouble with this and if you do, in your reply I will need the MAC address that is listed on the back of the phone to verify I am looking at the right logs and files.