Symptoms:  The phone display says "LAN down" or "network not found" or similar messages.

This indicates that the phone can't can't connect to your local network.  The first step is to reboot the phone by removing power and then reconnecting it.  If that doesn't fix it, then see these possible causes:

1. The network cable is in the wrong port on the phone. It must be in the LAN or SW port, not the PC port.

2. The network switch port or cable is bad. Try it on another port/cable. For example, move the phone to another office with a known working phone and cable.

3. Router or DNS problem at the site. If this is happening to ALL phones, or most of them, you probably need to reset your network devices such as switches and router/modem. Then reboot the phone.

4. It is unlikely, but possible that the settings have become corrupt in the phone. You can try a factory reset and reconfiguration. You should contact us first, however, to work with you on this. DO NOT factory reset a phone without contacting us first.

5. Phone has failed. If everything above checks out, we can assume a failed phone and would need to replace it.