To change the user name and other info for an extension due to personnel changes or any other reason, please submit a ticket with the following info:

The extension number that needs to be changed

The email address for voicemail messages to go to (if desired)

First and last name to be used for internal caller id and for the dial-by-name company directory

Should voicemails be sent to email AND left on the phone, email only, or phone only?

Send notifications of voicemail via SMS (include number and carrier)?

Should the PIN be reset to the default?

If the PIN is set to default, which is the same as the extension number, the user will be guided through the mailbox setup process when they next call in.  This will have them record their greeting and name, as well as set a new PIN.  A user can manually call the voicemail system and follow the prompts to change settings (option 0).

The voicemail system will prompt for all of the options, and you can find a cheat sheet to all of the options in the phone user's guides in our "Getting started" section: