The call parking feature allows you to "park" a call in a slot, and anyone can retrieve the call from any other phone on your system by dialing the slot number.  You do this by using an attended transfer to extension 700.  The system will read back the slot number (701, 702, 703, 704, or 705).  You can have up to five calls parked at any given time.  The person who wants to pick up the call simply dials the slot number, such as 702, and gets the call immediately.  Note that you must not use a blind transfer to send the call to 700, because you will not hear the parking slot number.

You may transfer calls, using blind transfer, into any specific slot.  However if there is already a call there, it will not work.  We don't generally recommend this, but some people use it.

Step by step:

  • Press the [Transfer] key
  • Dial 700
  • Listen for the slot number
  • Press the [Transfer] soft key to complete

Now simply announce the slot number via your paging system or other communications method.

Here are some default settings for parked calls, but we can change these as needed:

Calls will stay parked for three minutes then return to the extension that parked it.

A beep will be played when the call is received, before the parties hear each other.

You can use the MPK/BLF keys on your phone to monitor the parking slots, and reach them directly with a single button.  The instructions are here: