External caller ID is set according to the phone number shown to the outside world.  Meaning that whatever number we set for each phone, will be displayed to the call recipient.  However, the caller ID name display (CNAM) is depending on the recipient's carrier and how they choose to display it.  We can set it, however there are many reasons that it may not be reliable:

1.  Some cell phones or phone carriers just don't handle the name correctly, or at all.

2.  Setting it may have a delay up to a couple of months, because some carriers don't update their settings on time.  Cox is particularly bad about this.

3.  Some carriers may choose to show a name based on alternative data instead of what we send.

4.  People who use call control apps, such as robocall apps, will see whatever the app chooses to show.

If you believe the CNAM is set incorrectly, please do let us know.  However be aware of the above limitations.